The Team

Creatures & Co has been developed by experts in cancer treatment and care and delivered in partnership with local, trusted veterinarians.​


We work with vets in your area to make the cancer journey as comfortable and convenient as possible for you and your pet. ​


Some of the expert team behind Creatures & Co include;

  • Yolanda is the Founder and CEO of Creatures & Co – passionate about changing the way pet owners think about skin cancer prevention, treatment and care for their animals. She is a registered radiation therapist, academic and researcher and was named the 2017 ‘Female Breakout Scientist’ by CSIRO for her work in translating human-grade cancer treatment to the veterinary sphere.

    Innovation Lead

  • Dr Milross is the resident radiotherapy advisor for Creatures & Co and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Sydney. Chris is Director of Radiation Oncology and Medical Services at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse in Camperdown, Sydney. Chris brings years of experience in the delivery of radiation therapy in humans.

    Radiation Oncologist

  • Dr Smith is a registered specialist in equine surgery and the lead consult on treatment and care of horses for Creatures & Co. She is Managing Director at the Agnes Banks Equine Clinic where her expertise, practical hands on approach and enthusiasm are known to many. She values the benefits that medical advancement offers for her clients and is a major support for Creatures & Co.

    Equine Vet

  • With over 35 years of clinical experience & a keen interest in engaging with innovative medical approaches that deliver benefit of his patients, Rob provides invaluable support, guidance and connections for Creatures & Co. He is an ambassador for the Animal Welfare League of NSW and a Director of the Zambi Wildlife Retreat.


  • With a passion for Australian innovation that delivers brighter futures,  Kate is the Communications Advisor for Creatures and Co and an expert in technology, B2B, Corporate and consumer campaign. With more than 15 years’ experience in public relations, corporate affairs and innovation strategy, Kate is all about turning great ideas into powerful solutions that deliver value at the right time.

    Head of Communications

  • Josie is by far the most engaged and hard-working team member. Her no-fuss approach keeps the rest of the team honest. She is a constant reminder to us all of our Vision - 'to provide access to better, safer and kinder cancer care at a cost that won't break the bank!'

    Head of Strategy