At Creatures & Co, we are closing the gap between human and animal healthcare. 


We deliver better, safer and kinder cancer care for pets.

Our Vision

Treatments that have been tested on humans for years!

Pets are amazing, they offer us comfort and companionship and are fiercely loyal. There’s nothing our pets wouldn’t do for us. At Creatures & Co, we believe pets play an integral part in people's well-being and happiness and deserve to be cared for at the highest level.

This begins in the prevention phase. Creatures & Co is transforming the way Australian pet owners think about sun safety and skin cancer prevention for their pets.

We deliver education, resources and trusted advice in partnership with authorised vets across the country. Creatures & Co empowers pet owners to make informed decisions about skin abnormalities that enable early detection, intervention and better cancer outcomes.

When treatment is required, Creatures & Co is transforming the way we treat skin cancer in cats, dogs and horses by offering better, safer and a kinder approach that does not result in disfigurement or lengthy recovery periods. 

Creatures & Co offers more affordable, accessible and comfortable radiation therapy treatments specifically adapted for your pet.





'Thank you so much for the care & love you have given Bonnie. We are so grateful for amazing people like you and your team. To develop new, innovative and kinder treatment options for our precious pets makes you very special people, and gives us all hope for a better future.'

         Bonnie and Co.

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